En este momento estás viendo Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa – Full list of requirements

What is a Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa?

Spain is a favorite destination for many Americans, British and Europeans. Foreigners love Spain because of its good weather all year round, good food, nice and quiet cities, friendly people… All these factors make more and more people decide that Spain is going to be their new country of residence.

A non-lucrative residence visa is a unique type of residency permit in Spain for non-European citizens who intend to travel to Spain for long term life. This residence permit is non lucrative in that you will not be permitted to do any economic and professional activity in Spain.

The non-lucrative visa is the most commonly used visa to live in Spain because it is not necessary to invest in a property in Spain as is the case with the Investor Visa (called GoldenVisa) However, the applicant must prove that he/she has enough money to be able to live in Spain for at least one year without any professional activity.

After the initial year of residence in Spain, the non-lucrative visa is renewed every 2 years and then 2 more years until having 5 years of stay, where whoever wants can obtain the permanent residence. Subsequently, anyone wishing to have a permanent stay can apply for a permanent residence permit in Spain. In addition, Spain’s non-lucrative visa allows you to bring family members as long as you have enough money to support them.


1.- Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended arrival to Spain with at least two blank pages to affix the visa.

2.- One completely filled and signed National Visa Application Form.

3.- EX-01 form and 790-052 fee form to be paid at the Consulate on the day of your appointment plus Spanish Consulate fees (£ 516 each application)

4.- One recent passport colour photograph.

5.- For non-British citizens: A UK residence permit valid for at least 3 months. It can be either in form of Visa stamped on the applicant’s passport or a Residency Card.

6.- Medical (Health) Certificate signed and stamped by a registered doctor. This Certificate must literally state that the Applicant does not suffer of any illness which represents a risk or a danger for the public according to the International Health Regulations of 2005. The document must be translated by a Sworn Translator only, and with the Hague Apostille if the country is a member. Otherwise, the document must be verified by the Spanish authorities in the country of issuance.

7.- Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the country or countries where the applicant has resided in the past five years. . The document must be translated by a Sworn Translator only, and with the Hague Apostille if the country is a member. Otherwise, the document must be verified by the Spanish authorities in the country of issuance.

8.- Full health cover Insurance for applicant and, if applicable, family member, valid in Spain.

9.- Means of maintenance in Spain in form of 2400 € per month for the main applicant. Each additional family member will need € 600 per month

Proof of eligibility:

  • For those who recently finished a paid employment job: HMRC P45 form.
  • For those who recently finished a self-employed job: Notification of the cease of activity from the HMRC or a letter from accountant as well as a certificate from the Companies House stating that the business has ceased activity.
  • For pensioners: Pension certificate.
  • For those who intend to keep their jobs in UK: Evidence that, due to the nature of your job, you can effectively reside in Spain and, at the same time, carry out your job in UK.

*Please be aware that working remotely is contrary to the nature of this visa and does not qualify for the exceptions above explained.

10.- All documents must be translated into Spanish.

11.- A prepaid “Special Delivery” envelope, up to 500 grams.

12.- Original Bank Statements from UK and/or Spain (Last 12 months)

13.- Spanish property deeds (if applicable)

14.- In the case of spouses/civil partners/descendants, evidence of the relationship will be required: marriage, civil or birth certificate. The original certificate will be required as well as a photocopy and if it is not in either Spanish or English, a translation must be provided.

15.- If the case of offspring over the age of 18 years old, the following documents must be provided:

– Proof of residence in the family home.

– Proof of single status. – Proof of student status (if applicable)

– Proof of dependency (if applicable)

16.- Disclaimer form

DURATION OF APPLICATION Please note that this type of Visas typically takes around three months to be approved, and in any case, it will not take less than one month.

Remember that your passport needs to be stamped when you get to the border. Otherwise, the TIE could be refused.


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